Authoritarian Schooling - A CAtalogue of Damage



This is strictly speaking a website rather than a book, but it started out as a book. I had written a lot about places of education that I admired, but apart from one satirical novel, A Really Good School, I had not written anything much about what I disapproved of.

Even when I started I intended to describe it as a catalogue rather than a book - A Catalogue of Damage was to be the title.

I pictured it as a coffee-table book with a great many illustrations, but I found that I wanted too much text for that format, and I suddenly realised that the ideal structure would be a website, where readers could dodge from one topic to another as they liked.

Since 2012, when the site was first posted, there have been over 130,000 hits on individual items, so it seems to have been a good idea.

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