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 Over the last twenty years interest in democratic education has expanded all over the world.

 The annual IDECs (International Democratic Education Conferences) take place in a different country each year, and there are now other organisations such as Reevo in South America, and APDEC, Asia-Pacific Democratic Education Community, which host similar conferences.

One indication of the growth of the movement is the number of times I have been invited to speak in different countries, sometimes at IDECs, but often independently. What follows is a chronological list of some of the talks that I have given around the world. I have included a few in French and German, because I speak both languages, but I have not translated them into English because they generally cover more or less the same ground as my English talks. (In Japan and Italy I spoke in English with an interpreter.) These talks are a useful introduction to the benefits of a system in which teachers and learners work together as equals.


Verschiedene Freiheiten Vienna 2001

Four Topics Four Italian Universities 2002

Ecarts culturels, ressemblances pédagogiques Strasbourg 2003

Education alternative en Angleterre et autre part Toulouse 2003

Demokratie in der Schule Vienna 2004

Democratic Education The University of East Anglia, 2005

Demokratie in der Schule: wie geht es? Vienna 2004

My Apprenticeship (English translation of a talk given in Leipzig, 2006)

Lernen freie Kinder genug? Kapriole, Leipzig 2006

David Gribbles Lehrjahre University of Leipzig 2006

Children don't start wars IDEC in Berlin 2006

Who asks the questions? Futurelab and Bedales School 2008

Free Schools: Utopia and reality in daily practice University of Navarre 2010

Hostility to Democratic Education IDEC in Frankfurt 2012