(Click here for the blank crossword and the clues).

1. UPSIDEDOWN: UP = sucess, OWN = have, SIDED = taken part: the word ‘lights’ is taken in the sense of ‘answers to clues’, many of which go upside down in the final diagram.
9. ZHO: hidden word in La PaZ HOmestead
12. UNA: Puck’s friend in Puck of Pook’s Hill: FAUNA without FA (Football Association)
13. ISM: added to THE it makes THEISM
15. SHONA: anagram of HAS NO
16. EACH: to reach something to someone is to hand it to them: R(ight) is omitted.
17. QUOITS: QUITS round O
18. HENBIRD: HE + NB + I + RD (RD = refer to drawer, the mark for bouncing a cheque)
19. BUZZES: two definitions (to buzz another plane being contemporary slang)
24. OVER: C (= about) away from COVER
25. FUZZ: ‘bluebottles’ is an old slang word for police: FUZZ is a somewhat more recent slang word for police: FUR is cut short and followed by ZZ
27. ORB: O the definition: BRO is reversed
29. HOLES: sounds like WHOLES
32. PROPER: sounds like PROPPER
33. OPEN: ON means ‘dealing with’ and PE used to be referred to as physical jerks
34. SNOWFED: anagram of FEW DONS
36. FORHOW: FOR = in favour of, HOW is an Indian style of greeting, and FORHOW is an old English word for despise.
39. ONE: sounds like ‘one ‘
40. HOT
41. BOB: BOOB with 0 omitted
43. TEMED: TEED (as in golf) round M (for noon)
44. BRANCH: B before RANCH
45. EMOVE: MO in EVE
46. EPOCH: OCH after EP
47. SOSSING: it might just possibly mean giving the SOS sign

2. UNDERSTAND: GET is the definition, on the covered side of = UNDER, beach = STRAND and R (for right) is removed
3. SAKI: A in SKI
4. NORTH: OR in Nth (to the nth degree)
5. IMP: ROVE taken from IMPROVE
7. CHASM: hidden word in suCH AS Marxists
8. QUIZ: two definitions
9. FORENOON: NO ONER OF reversed
10. IZZET: this is the word that is no longer in Chambers. It means Z, and sounds like IS IT?
11. OASIS: O = round: as is
12. UNSEASONABLE: UNABLE round SEAS ON (ON = working)
14. HAD: N (for any number) taken from HAND
20. LEE: GATE taken from LEGATEE
21. INVERSION: INVERNESS without NESS, IS reversed, ON = in action
22. VISHNU: VI + anagram of SHUN
23. TOPMAST: PM with TOAST round it
26. FEOFFEES: remark = SEE + FF round FOE, all reversed,
30. OZONE: OZ is a weight, an = ONE
31. ISOMERS: IS round SOME + R(ight)
35. WROTE: ROT keeping apart East and West
37. MAMBO: O for A in MAMBA
38. HOOTS: TOO in SH all reversed
39. OBI: I BO reversed
42. DUO: DUMBO without MB
43. DAP: PAD reversed.