hurry 500"Grow up!" is one of the standard adult rebukes. Another is, 'Don't be so childish!"

Teachers know more about their subjects than children do, but all too many of them seem to have forgotten much of what they knew when they were children themselves. They have lost their intuitive empathy because they were not taken seriously, and they have lost their healthy curiosity because they have been obliged to learn material that holds no interest for them.

Most adults have either altogether forgotten their own affectionate innocence, or else learnt to be ashamed of it. Instead of developing their natural curiosity, they have been taught to seek conformity. and to encourage children to do the same.
Children do not need to be taught to learn. They have demonstrated their ability by learning to walk and to talk. They do not need to be forced to follow a curriculum devised by adults, because the whole world is their curriculum. What they do need is the opportunity to learn about what they themselves find interesting.

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