With music by Timothy Moore

These four musicals were written for casts of 40 or more, with even the smallest parts characterised, so that every participant has something to work on.

Crime and Blandishment was written for performance the year after the school had done Patience. It tells of a kidnapping which results in the pupils at a girls’ boarding school falling in love with either the kidnappers or the policemen who come to rescue them.

In Venus Unobserved Britain has launched a space-rocket to Venus, manned by scientists planning research and soldiers planning conquest. It lands successfully, not on Venus but back on earth, on Dartmoor, where a group of teenagers from a youth club have been brought out to observe the event, and a group of botanists are looking for wild flowers. The space-travellers, unfamiliar with the normal world, take these humans for Venusans. After its first production at Dartington Hall School, this musical was also given a production at what was then known as KEVICS, the Totnes comprehensive school.

Foister: is a variation on the Faust story. Foister, who sells cheap goods from the back of a lorry, sells his soul to Mr. Foffer-Lees, in exchange for being given everything he wants for one year. He infuriates Foffer-Lees by asking only for the pleasures he sees others enjoying in the community around him instead of indulging in the anticipated orgy of vice. However, nothing satisfies him, and he only just escapes from hell at the last minute when a lawyer points out that Foffer-Lees has not kept to his side of the bargain.

Hallelujah Huxham: was written in hippy times. It tells the story of a busker called Sam Huxham whose song, ‘I never take anything for granted’, leads to him becoming a popular guru. He himself soon vanishes, his cult is taken over by commercial interests and his lyric becomes ‘I never take anyone to dances,’ before it descends to ‘I never take aspirin on Tuesdays,’ and eventually ‘I never learn – cha cha cha – anything, yeah yeah yeah, wah wah wah.’ In the end he returns as a busker once again.

I have also written other lyrics for Timothy Moore to set to music and a short musical for students on a music and drama course at a local drama college.

The fruits of all this are listed below.