I wrote for the Footlights revues when I was up at Cambridge, and I occasionally performed in cabaret, both there and elsewhere. Some of the songs I have more recently used come from the musicals described earlier, but a few stand alone. A recording that I made as a Christmas present for my friends many years ago includes Electric Candles, a song written at a time of frequent power-cuts, Science Cannot Rest and a bread recipe from Science Rules, OK, There Could Have Been a Lot of Money Made from Roll on, the Free Life, a simplified version of Bad Madrigals from The Best Job in the World and two other stand-alone songs, The Camper’s Love-song and The Proposal.

Other songs that I have used in cabaret performances include Cereal Blues, with words by Bamber Gascoigne, and The Story of Piers, with words by another member if the Cambridge Footlights – possibly Roddy McElvie, but my memory may be at fault.